Painting porches

My front porch before final painting.

Finished sock from Chris' pattern.

My Martina.

What's happening - I am finally painting the porch! Well - sanding, priming and painting. The above pictures are the "before" pictures. Hopefully next week I will be posting "after" pictures.

Saturday was my Mother-in-law's birthday. She and my F-I-L came over in the evening. I was glad that Ashley was not working so she could come too. I baked an Angelfood cake and we had it with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. It was a nice evening. I like hosting small parties like that. If I had a bigger house I would do bigger events more often. I have Christmas at my house every year and the whole family comes over (about 15). If I had a nice big formal dinning room I would like to do Thanksgiving every year for the whole family!

Today I am going shopping with my M-I-L. We haven't really gotten together at all this summer and she has a certain grand daughter who has a birthday coming up who just so happens to be the same person as my daughter who has a birthday coming up (her 21)!

Knitting - Done with the first pink and purple sock ready to start the second (this is the pattern from my friend Chris). I have also started a bath mat out of cotton yarn. This is my first rug so we shall see how it turns out and if I will ever make another one.

Books I have read - Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit recommended that I read "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris. This was my first Vampire book! Well I didn't love it or hate it. I am not into fantasy, sci-fi, or vampires, but I did love the main Character - Sookie Stackhouse. She was very likable. This was not your typical dark scary vampire book it was more mystery/love story/chick-lit/vampire with a lot of quirkiness added to it. For some reason Sookie reminded me of another character - Odd Thomas in the "Odd Thomas" books from Dean Koontz (which I loved!) she could read people's thoughts and he could see dead people.

I also read "Once upon a Day" by Lisa Tucker, I really liked this book, it was a very sad love story... kind of. A young woman leaves her sanctuary home to find her brother, in finding him she also finds love in a cab driver who takes her in. She also finds she has been living a lie all her life - her father took his children and hid them from their mother telling them she was dead. Nineteen years later she finds the truth and comes face to face with the mother she didn't know existed.

Only 9 more books to go in my Reading Through the States Challenge.
I am now read a book taking place in Maryland. The only states I have left are - Nebraska, Nevada (I think I have one for NV though), Ohio, Oregon (would like to read an Oregon trail book), PA (would like to read a coal mine book) Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia.
Any suggestions, let me know. No hard feelings if I don't read it, I may have already found one.

Contests - Dar from - Peeking Between the Pages is giving away a copy of "Time of my Life" by Allison Winn Scotch, This looks like a really good book. I hope you all enter!
Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit has a few giveaways to check out!

Top 5 - For my top 5 I would like to know what colors there are in your house. I thought this would be fun. So keep the rooms on the list just change the colors. You can add rooms if you want - like a babies room or kids room.

1. Living room - Dark green, sage green, cream
2. Kitchen - Burgundy, cream, little bit of dark green
3. Bathroom - White, dark green, little smokey blue green
4. Bedroom - not really one color, bed quilt is blues
5. Dining room - Cream, burgundy, green
6. Laundry room - Lt. gray, dark blue


  1. Hard to pick between the green socks and the pink/purple. Like them both.

  2. Oh, I love your house!! It's beautiful!

    Living room - Dark green, sage green, light maroon
    Kitchen - White and Red
    Bathroom - Lavender
    Bedroom - Lavender and cream
    Diningroom - White and Red
    Laundry room - green and white

  3. Haha I didn't even think about that book being about yarn/cats and you loving those things! The first one is called Casting Spells! You should read them, they are fun. In fact, if you read the first one and you like it, I will send you the second one :) Just let me know!

  4. Top 5 - For my top 5 I would like to know what colors there are in your house. I thought this would be fun. So keep the rooms on the list just change the colors. You can add rooms if you want - like a babies room or kids room.

    1. Living room - tan color
    2. Kitchen - light yellow
    3. Bathroom - light green
    4. Bedroom - blue
    5. Dining room - dont have one
    6. Laundry room - dont have one

  5. I love your house.. sigh.. trying not to covet.. ;) The socks are very very pretty. The cat is to die for ... (why oh why am I allergic)..

    1. Bedroom - for summer, pink and green. / Winter.. greens .. okay why lie there is still some pink.. haha

    2. living room browns black, reds and yellows. NEED MORE yellows it is a bit too masculine.

    3. front bathroom lavender.

    not a lot of theme in the rest of the house.......

    Great post. Have a GREAT week.

  6. The socks are so cute...and of course Martina is such a cutie too.
    Top 5:
    1) LR-Tan with a hint of green.
    2) K- same as LR ..open floor plan atbut deco fat chefs.
    3) B1) Striped on bottom off white and tan with ragged on top insame color, B2) MB- light green, B3)-stenciled like stone blocks with weeds growing from the cracks grayish with frogs and bees also stenciled.
    4)MB-dark green, B2)sponged, B3) light yellow.
    5) DR- Burgandy on bottom with wheat on top.
    6) L-pale yellow (need to paint this)
    7) Den-faux painted leather.
    8) Lower level/bar area-tan with hint of green.
    Every room seems to have tan's, deep reds, navy and dark greens in it through out the house.
    This was hard for me...
    I am having a hard time seeing puter...Chloe keeps walking on it and trying to sit on my lap or licking the screen!

  7. Your house is so pretty!!

    1. Living room - Beige walls with navy,burgandy and hunter accents
    2. Kitchen -Light Yellow walls
    3. Bathroom - Mauve and pink
    4. Bedroom - not really one color ( next room to remodel)
    5. Dining room - Hunter green wall.
    6. Laundry room -Yucky basement

  8. Right now I am drooling over your house. It's beautiful. I've always wanted a house with a verandah around. I can picture msyelf curled up outside with a book. Martina is beautiful as always.

    You know my house is full of boring old white but I'd sure love to paint it up. Maybe some day.

  9. You have an award waiting for you on my blog, check it out! :)

  10. I like how you squeeze in those summer songs before summer is over... although my allergies have officially announced fall.

    Top 5 - Since I'm moving tomorrow, I'll do my new house.

    1. Living room - white walls
    2. Kitchen - haha can't remember...
    3. Bathroom - white, light green
    4. Bedroom - Red, brown, tan
    5. Dining room - orange... that's right bright obtrusive orange. I love it!